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How To Choose The Perfect Compression Socks For Running

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How To Choose The Perfect Compression Socks For Running

Keep running happily with sports compression socks on!

Sports Compression socks are a common choice for fitness enthusiasts and runners. These are basically known as over-the-calf socks that stimulate the flow of blood in a runner which helps them in recovering quickly over the prolonged run. 

Let’s discuss how you can choose compression running socks for women!

When these sports compression socks were first invented, they looked a bit dorky. However, in the present era runners have found a variety of comfortable and stylish compression socks for themselves. Today, with the help of so many unique online stores you can easily search for sports compression socks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable. 

1. Know the Exact Size

Whenever you’re purchasing sports compression socks, don’t rely on the foot or shoe size. Instead of this, go for socks that fit your legs perfectly. If a sock is too tight, it will prevent blood flow. While on the other hand, a sock that is too loose won’t offer you an advantage while running. So, the point is to measure your calves before you select a pair of right compression socks for yourself. Your shoe size will give you an estimated size of your socks. Online stores give you the facility of going through the sizes with the help of size charts and guides. Keep in mind to look carefully when you’re searching for different sizes in different brands like Juzo and Jobst. The exact measurements are not easily found in all the brands. So, choose wisely and look carefully. 

2. The Perfect Material for the Socks

Always purchase a pair of socks that have breathable material. Choosing cotton socks is not recommended. This is because the fabric will cause sweating and results in discomfort while running. Polyester is the recommended fabric that’s considered ideal for running because it’s good for both men and women. Polyester controls moisture and heats better. It maintains the structure for a longer duration and prevents abrasion. 

3. The Right Compression Ratio

Compression ratio is one of the most essential factors while purchasing sports compression socks for running. It’s because everyday usage requires a lower compression level.  Talking about the sports socks’ compression levels, they range between 15 and 30mm Hg. It offers a higher compression ratio and great benefits to the runner. The higher the ratio, the more support is offered to the legs. This results in better protection when the person is working out or running outside. Go for the compression socks that have moderate to firm compression i.e. 18 to 24 mmHg. It’s because the ideal compression leads to optimized blood flow. 

4. Type of Socks

The style or the type of socks that you go for is really crucial. It all depends on your choices and preferences. Today, a lot of options are available for the customers to choose from. With so many options out there, you’re likely to find a pair of compression socks that meet your personality and preference. It’s advisable to go for dark-colored sports compression socks like black, navy blue, or grey because the lighter socks might get dirty while running. 

5. Graduated Compression Socks

There are sports socks with graduated compression that provides you with the ultimate experience, comfort, and protection. These are the socks that definitely improvise the circulation in the legs with their unique design. The compression socks provide great pressure around your legs and feet, particularly the lower and upper parts of the legs. 

Whether you should go for compression sleeves or compression socks?

This is an important question. Compression sleeves cover only half of the calf area, however, the sports compression socks cover the legs, feet, and the calf area. So, what do you think will go the extra mile? The choice is always yours, whether you want to choose between flexibility, comfort, or aesthetics. It’s up to the customer to make a wise choice so that the running becomes better and comfortable. 

To briefly paraphrase, it is really important to keep all the above factors in mind before you make the purchase decision. Make it a point to keep all the reminders in mind. 

Wishing you wonderful running experiences! Happy Running!

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