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Jobst Donner
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Jobst Donner

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The Jobst Stocking Donner is a lightweight donning equipment that is used to put on compression stockings and socks by people with difficulties in reaching their feet or bending. It has a lightweight construction and is incredibly easy-to-use without the need to bend.

This stocking donner is great for people who have trouble bending at the waist.  It helps get the support stocking on your foot without a lot of bending.

The Jobst Large Calf Stocking Donner is designed for people with large calves.  This device will accommodate a calf circumference up to 24".

To use, stretch the stocking over the central frame to the heel pocket. From a secure sitting position, step into the sock until your foot is on the floor. Slowly pull up on the donner handles, working the stocking up your leg. Remove the donner. You can now finish putting on the stocking with your hands. Remember to always wear donning gloves